Geotextile Pipeline Supports

Soft Set - Pipe Supports

SOFT-SET Geotextile Pipe Supports - Incorporates the strengths of geotextile polypropylene “Soft” bag properties, overcomes other design shortfalls: ( * No sharp hard plastic on pipe / * No rub / stress points ).

hard plastic supports drwg.png
screw anchor, pipeline buoyancy control

Utilizes proven polypropylene fabric that is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew, and insects and is non-biodegradable. Polypropylene is stable with a pH range of 2 – 13 making it one of the most stable polymers available today. Polypropylene is the material of choice for geotextiles, especially relating to longevity underground. The permitivity of the woven polypropylene fabric used to manufacture the SOFT-SET Pipe Supports does not impede cathodic protection.

Features : SOFT Set - Pipe Supports

  • Easy-Lift / Easy-String on ROW

  • Cathodic protection not restricted

  • Free standing after filling

  • Filled Soft-Set Bag cannot scratch pipe

  • No spreader bars needed

  • Safe to install, no personnel in trench

  • Can be filled remotely

  • Broad "Uni" compartment for maximum strength/ minimum stress. ( * No sharp hard plastic or rub / stress points on pipe coatings.)

  • Minimum 4X Safety Factor

  • Lifting slings are designed by Bag size to assure safe lifting angle.

  • Mass > 200g/m2

  • Manf. ISO 21898:2004, US Patent Pending