Pipeline Protection

Red One: Rockshield

Rockshield (Red One) serves the pipeline industry by providing a superior approach to protecting pipe from indigenous rocks and obstacles that could damage the pipe from such hazardous materials during the backfill operations and soil stresses. 

red one redone rock shield rockshield pipeline protection

This Rock Shield is different.

Red One Rock Shield uses the best geometry configuration available by utilizing an extremely flexible thin mat that is a corrugated design to maintain the highest strength and impact resistance rating in its class. This open corrugated design maintains an "un-inhibited" open structure that both preserves installed cathodic protection qualities, and makes the product more user friendly if re-install becomes necessary.

This PVC mat is lightweight and rolls out without "bunching" for the most cost effective application saving hours of time and un-necessary costs. Because Red One does not "bunch" on rollers, installers prefer using this as it can be installed on long areas of welded up pipe and then pipe and shield can be lowered into trench in one step.


Features of Red One Rock Shield

  • High impact Strength parallel Installation
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Excellent Puncture Resistance Rockguard
  • Cost Effective
  • Allow easy visual inspection
  • Lightweight/easy to handle
  • Easily "rolls" out on pipe
  • Resists bacteria and fungus attack
  • Excellent Cathodic Un-inhibited design
  • Absorbs impact of uneven back fill
  • Protects pipe coating from protruding rock in trench
  • Unaffected by temperature and wet weather
red one redone rock shield rockshield