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Steel Repair Sleeves

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A 70-year Legacy of Reliable Repair Sleeve Solutions

Allan Edwards has been providing pipeline repair sleeve solutions since 1950. With 70 years of service in the sleeve business, it’s become personal for us, and we make it a point to offer the right sleeve solution, at the right time, in the right way for our customers. Our wide portfolio of repair sleeve solutions is manufactured fully in-house at our shop yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our goal is simple: to provide our customers with preventative maintenance and peace of mind.

Our Quality Control Guarantee: Examination

We stand behind the work we do. All half sole repair sleeves are thoroughly inspected for defects before shipment. All dimensions, including end and side preparation, are measured and verified, and a visual inspection is performed. Any pipe repair sleeve that does not meet the requirements for dimensional tolerance and visual inspection is rejected.

Available Sleeve Types

Half Sole Repair Sleeves
  • Tight fitting sleeve that provides reinforcement for damage or anomalies on pipelines

Fabricated Weld Sleeves
  • Custom-made sleeve, manufactured to meet exact specifications for a custom fit over flanges, hot tap fittings and a variety of pipeline jewelry

Girth Weld Sleeves
  • Used to reinforce a welded pipe joint

Low Profile Pumpkins
  • Used on pipelines withscrew collars and dresser couplings. Available in a design suited for easy installation


All materials used to form our steel repair sleeves originate from Allan Edwards stock, consisting of structural-quality carbon steel or pressure vessel-quality carbon steel plates, both of which conform to ASTM specifications.

Copies of material test reports are kept on file and used to verify heat numbers prior to cutting material in the first step of manufacturing.

Marking and Shipping

Each piece of the half sole sleeve is clearly marked with size, wall thickness, grade of steel plate, Allan Edwards job number and customer purchase order number.

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Steel Repair Sleeves images
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Steel Repair Sleeves images

Mechanical Properties and Testing

Mill test reports are furnished on all materials. Independent testing may be performed to check the hardness on stock plate. Additional independent testing available includes destructive, magnetic particle, liquid penetrate, ultrasonic and radiographic.

Additional Helpful Information

  • Half sole sleeves are formed by rolling or die-forming without the use of heat treating.
  • Longitudinal edges of half sole sleeves can be beveled for welding, if requested.
  • Half sole ends have sheared square edges for fillet welding unless square-end bevel is requested.

Milling of Half Sole for Backing Strips

Half Soles can be milled on the inside longitudinal edges for the backing strips.

Backing Strips

Backing strips are hot-rolled commercial carbon steel sheets and strips of commercial quality.

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Steel Repair Sleeves

Features & Advantages

  • ASTM-grade structural & pressure vessel-quality steel plates.
  • Beveled edging
  • Rolled/die-formed manufacturing
  • Installation equipment available – AE Pipe Jacks
  • Ready-to-ship stock
  • Customizable to multiple pipe diameters

Manual Pipe Jack for Sleeve Installation –

a convenient, cost-effective solution to simplify your job.

Allan Edwards custom-made manual pipe jacks provide a simple, solution-based approach for the safe installation of Half Sole repair sleeves on steel pipe. By securing the two halves of the sleeve over the affected pipe section as they are welded, the manual pipe jack enables a stable and precise fit.

Manual Pipe Jack image

Features & Advantages

  • Available options for wide range of pipe diameters
  • One jack fits multiple pipe sizes
  • Comes with cottered roller chain to ensure uniform application of pressure
  • Strong, durable design
  • Long-lasting & dependable

Important Notes

  • This is not a multipurpose jack. Its only application is for Half Sole repair sleeves.
  • A 2-5/16” open end or box end wrench is required to operate pipe jack. Wrench is not included with product.
  • 18” or larger Half Sole sleeves, depending on length & wall thickness, may require 3-4 jacks.