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SOFT-SET Pipe Supports

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What are SOFT-SET Pipe Supports?

SOFT-SET pipe supports keep your pipeline protected from damage caused by surrounding rocky terrain. When new pipe is laid, it is often surrounded by rough, rocky terrain that can scratch, dent or otherwise damage it. Not only does this preventable damage result in a heafty repair bill, it also leaves the pipeline vulnerable to further corrosion. SOFT-SET pipe supports positioned underneath the pipeline eliminate these headaches for operators.

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SOFT-SET Pipe Supports: What You Need to Know

The strong polypropylene fabric on each SOFT-SET bag eliminates stress points by evenly cushioning and protecting the pipe from underneath. They have no sharp edges often found on other rigid pipe supports, so they cannot scratch or create stress points on your pipe. Additionally, they are laid with no personnel required in the ditch.

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The Story Behind SOFT-SET Pipe Supports

Several years ago, we received a call from one of our contactors about a pipeline construction project experiencing widespread issues. The operator had restricted the approved pipe supports to sandbags. Hand-tossing enormous quantities of sandbags in the ditch before laying the pipe was proving not only labor intensive, but also injury-prone from the manual effort involved in repetitively tossing bag after bag into the ditch. In search of a better solution, the contractor requisitioned Allan Edwards to develop a better, more efficient product. Within several weeks, a prototype of the SOFT-SET pipe support was developed, and final testing was approved within months. The resulting bags were about 10 times the size of a regular sandbag, with specialized straps to enable a hands-free method of laying. One SOFT-SET bag could quite literally do the job of an army of sandbags. Each bag utilized the same strong polypropylene fabric as Allan Edwards ECOBAG geotextile weights, ensuring these supports would not impede cathodic protection. Once approved by the operator, SOFT-SET bags became the new exclusive pipe support for the project.

SOFT-SET Pipe Supports image
SOFT-SET Pipe Supports image
SOFT-SET Pipe Supports image

SOFT-SET Pipe Support

Features & Advantages

  • Easy-lift / Easy-string on right-of-way (ROW)

  • Cathodic protection not restricted

  • Filled SOFT-SET bag cannot scratch pipe

  • No spreader bars needed

  • No specialized equipment required to lay

  • No personnel required in ditch, jobsite crews are safeguarded against potential hazards

  • Can be filled remotely

  • Minimum 4X safety factor