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We Fit Our Products to Your Problem.

Not the Other Way Around.

As partners of pipeliners, we’ve made it a priority to provide a dynamic range of buoyancy & repair options that safely increase the life of your pipeline assets. We leverage our time-tested expertise to ensure our customers can always deliver on their commitments.

Buoyancy Control & Pipe Supports

Geotextile Pipeline Weights

Geotextile pipeline weights are placed on top of pipelines to provide negative buoyancy in wetland areas. They utilize proven polypropylene fabric that is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects. Their impressive longevity underground guarantees a long-term solution that operators can “set and forget” for much-needed peace of mind.

SOFT-SET Pipe Supports

SOFT-SET pipe supports keep your pipeline protected from damage caused by surrounding rocky terrain. The strong polypropylene fabric on each SOFT-SET bag eliminates stress points by evenly cushioning and protecting the pipe from underneath. They have no sharp edges and cannot scratch or create stress points on your pipe. Additionally, hands-free laying ensures no personnel are required in the ditch.

Concrete Coating

Concrete coating provides operators with a two-for-one solution without the extra hassle. It acts as both a buoyancy control weight and a stabilizing force to make sure pipelines hold fast at water crossings. 

Integrity & Repair Products

Steel Repair Sleeves

Allan Edwards has been providing pipeline repair sleeve solutions since 1950. With over 70 years of service in the sleeve business, it’s become personal for us, and we make it a point to offer the right sleeve solution, at the right time, in the right way for our customers.

Manual Pipe Jacks

Allan Edwards custom-made manual pipe jacks provide a simple, solution-based approach for the safe installation of half sole repair sleeves on steel pipe. By securing the two halves of the sleeve over the affected pipe section as they are welded, the manual pipe jack enables a stable and precise fit.

OmegaWrap Composite Repair System

The OmegaWrap repair system is designed to provide additional reinforcement to the pipe in the “hoop” direction. Being a composite solution, it’s quick and convenient, involves no hot work, and it reduces overall time spent in the ditch.

Compression Sleeve

The Allan Edwards induction-heated Compression Sleeve is best utilized to inhibit further growth of cracks or crack-like features in pipe. Because no circumferential welds are required, this Type A repair sleeve can be placed directly over pipe laminations, bypassing the limits of traditional Type B repair sleeves for maximum effectiveness.

Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool

Allan Edwards Safety Clam pipe protection technology insulates pipelines against potential line strikes during excavation. The tool provides a much-needed barrier during foreign line crossings when multiple lines interact in the same ditch.