About Us

Allan Edwards is the original manufacturer of Pipeline Weights including ECOBAG Pipeline Weights, now spanning four generations and in the industry since 1947. Allan Edwards' professional team can help customers solve any pipeline weighting, concrete pipe coating or repair sleeve solutions and are available to provide valuable technical assistance on any other related situations.


Concrete Set On Weights, Concrete Bolt On Weights, ECOBAG Geotextile Pipeline Weights and Field Applied Continuous Concrete Coating, Allan Edwards still leads the industry as the preferred choice.

1947 to Present

Family owned, our company first started serving in the post-World War II years since 1947.   Allan Edwards supported the early days of American oil companies need for transportation of hydrocarbons (oil/gas) via pipelines and offered several products primarily in the area of pipeline buoyancy control in that effort.

With cast iron river weights being the mainstay of the pipeline buoyancy control business early on, new products and technologies were needed to be developed and manufactured that offered cost effective and safe solutions in this area of growing need.

Allan Edwards quickly designed, manufactured and marketed the world’s first Concrete River Weights in response to the need for saving money for owning companies, in lieu of cast iron weights, and to develop designs that are safe, secure and convenient for pipeline construction companies to install.

With the design, development and introduction of many other products including our:   Concrete Set On Weights, Concrete Bolt On Weights, ECOBAG Geotextile Pipeline Weights and Field Applied Continuous Concrete Coating, Allan Edwards still leads the industry as the preferred choice.

When the pipeline industry needed solutions for repairs, Allan Edwards developed and now manufactures Steel Repair sleeves including Half Sole, Weld Sleeves, Girth Weld Sleeves, etc, for the strengthening and/or repair of anomalies in existing pipeline infrastructures and in compliance per owning companies written specifications and unique requirements.

RED ONE Rockshield, was designed and developed by Allan Edwards and Keymay as the solution for protection of cathodic isolation methods, when the install is required in rough or rocky terrain.

Today, Allan Edwards supplies almost every major pipeline company in North America and many more worldwide and looks forward to a future of new and innovative solutions in the years going forward.

Allan Edwards has recently moved to our new facility still within Tulsa, OK with upgraded state of the art manufacturing facilities and shipping/receiving operations to even better serve our clients well into the future.


Allan Edwards Facilities

Corporate Headquarters, Fabrication, Research and Development

In less than three years after its founding, the Allan Edwards company became an industry pioneer with the design and manufacture of the world's first concrete river weight. At Allan Edwards' 20-acre industrial complex, products are manufactured to the customer's exact specifications. More than half a century later, Allan Edwards is the industry's largest and most experienced supplier of concrete river weights.

On-Site Fabrication

In the 1950's, the company began fabricating other products for the industry, including steel repair sleeves and encasements. Along with rush orders came requests for custom fabrication projects and the team spirit at Allan Edwards answered the call like none other in the industry.

Allan Edwards, Jr. developed the first on-site manufacturing service which sets the Allan Edwards company apart from its competitors. Today the company is well known for developing the technology and expertise to manufacture river weights and pipeline coatings on site, offering the customer considerable savings. This unique service also stimulates the local economy for its customers because on-site local labor is hired, materials are purchased locally and the on-site manufacturing is more cost efficient than shipping materials.

Allan Edwards maintains its corporate headquarters, research and development, and fabrication plant on a 20-acre complex centrally located in the United States in Tulsa, OK.